Measure your company’s effectiveness in only a few clicks!

With LEAN Scan you can track in real time the implementation of LEAN principles and techniques within your organization!


User-friendly dashboard

In just a glance, know exactly where you stand and track the evolution of implementation and improvement projects thanks to a user-friendly dashboard.

Coming soon

With the new and improved version of our scan creator, you will soon be able to create your own questions and modify suggested templates according to what you wish to measure and to criteria specific to your teams.


Publish your scan

Once your scan is completed, identify the best qualified respondents to get a true picture of your situation and submit it to them.

Respondents will receive an email inviting them to create an account and answer your questions.

They will appreciate the user-friendly LEAN Scan interface adaptable to any mobile device.

Coming soon

The interface and communications will shortly be available in English.


Clear and Simple Diagrams

To better target deficiencies and determine potential improvements.

Detailed results will help you better understand the reality of stakeholders and track the evolution of their performances.


Follow Your Evolution In Time

Once the improvements are implemented, further your progress by resubmitting your scan.

Select specific stages and resubmit the scans to respondents. You will thus be enabled to monitor the evolution of improvements made and the progress of your teams over several years.

LEAN Scan is the perfect tool to analyze or increase the effectiveness of your teams!

Any questions?

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