Optimize and improve Your Company’s Potential and Effectiveness!

LEAN Scan is a multi-platform digital solution that will make it easier to implement Lean principles and techniques within your organization.

The Very First Online Integrated Management Tool!

Measure the effectiveness of your organization with only a few clicks using practical, flexible and adaptable tools. Use gathered data to optimize your teams’ Lean behaviour and guide them toward the attainment of Operational Excellence.

Bernard Gagnon, Lean, Agile Coach & Expert
Bernard Gagnon
Lean, Agile Coach & Expert

" Measuring performance is the very foundation of continuous improvement, it is with that in mind that I created the LEAN Scan platform!

Thanks to this multi-platform digital solution, leaders, managers, and project managers have access to a user-friendly tool allowing them to easily complete a diagnosis with members of their teams to the end of identifying areas in need of improvement. "



Conduct your own scans using suggested templates.




Determine qualified respondents and submit them your scans.




Look into clear and streamlined diagrams to understand scan results or further analyze collected data.




Pick and choose specific stages and resubmit scans to respondents to track your progress.


Customize your use

Customized access and roles

Create your company’s flow chart and assign access and roles customized to the members of your teams, individually or by working groups.

This way, you can either make some functionalities accessible or limit their access to the people you choose, in compliance with projects’ requirements.

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Justine Tremblay est répondante d'un scan géré par Claire Lavue
Un scan peut avoir plusieurs répondant et il peut y avoir plusieurs scans par client

Create your own scans!

Using available templates, complete a global diagnostic of your company, audits (accounting and 5S), surveys (Agile maturity of working teams, customer satisfaction, employee engagement), or assessments (process performance, customer loyalty).

A user-friendly dashboard provides you with all the information pertaining to your scans, whether they are in progress, completed, or that you are in the midst of creating them.

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Global diagnostic


  • Accounting audit
  • 5S audit


  • Agile maturity of working teams
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee engagement


  • Process performance
  • Customer loyalty

LEAN Scan is the perfect tool to analyze or increase the effectiveness of your teams!

Use LEAN Scan to facilitate and refine your interventions on the field. Complete assessments, audits, and surveys adapted to your clients. Support your recommendations with a clear analysis of the situation and detailed results.

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